Aerum Republic

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Aerum Republic
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: We fight for the crown
and largest city
20px Baratros
Official languages Aeronian Axelish
Demonym Aeron
Government Federal presidential constitutional republic
Legislature The Seat
 -  Upper house The Gathering
 -  Lower house The Central Array
 -  Aerom  
 -  Great Aerum  
 -  Aerum Republic  
 -  1650 estimate 100,000,000
Currency Aeron Cron (¢) AEC
Calling code 07

The Aerum Republic, commonly known as Aerum is a sovereign state located in northern Ilthin. Its neighbors include Lucinea and Pennamber to the south, Duriam to the east, and Ohrid to the west. To the north, Aerum boarders the Ithis Ocean.

Aerum joined the Ithis Community (I-COM) in 1679. Aerum has been a permanent member of the Aero Union they had founded it in 1747.


First Colonial Wave[edit]

Medieval Period[edit]

Great Aerum[edit]

Grand War[edit]

Reconstruction and the AU[edit]

Geography, climate, and environment[edit]

Administrative divisions[edit]

The Minston Federation is a federal union of 12 provinces, and one territory. The original 5 provinces were created when Minston joined in a personal-union with Amos, creating the provinces of Dové, Entero, Paliant, Arbon, and Creote. The second surge of provinces were created when the Axel Empire joined the Minston-Amos union, forming the West Minstos Federation, and creating three new provinces. Falten, Aexea, and the expansion Paliant, until 950, when it was divided into North and South Paliant. The Savamoz Territory was purchased from Verras in 1000. The next provinces were created after the Minsto-Verrian Wars in 1070s, when Verrian territory was added to the federation, creating Illiat, Vereo, Uterra, and Varia. When Ferrudon was annexed in the 1200s, the provinces of Pauria, Tauto, and Ferra were formed, which were later lost when Ferrudon seceded in the 1550s.





A pie chart of religious groups in Minston. (1780)

According to a 1780 survey, 64% of adults identified themselves as a type of Ethian. Mainline Ethain denominations accounted for 27%, while Arandianism, accounted for 23.9%.

Family Structure[edit]

Government and politics[edit]

The government is composed of three divisions:

  • The Crown: Holds the most power. Has final say over other divisions.
  • The Council: A council of thirteen representitives, each representing a province.
  • The Theatre: A large group of people representing provinces. The amount of representatives are based on population.

Parties and Elections[edit]

Federal Party- focuses on controlling the population. Has bits of a monarchy and fascism.

Republican Party- trying to move the Federation to be more a Republic. Wants a more democratic system.

Socialist Party- for the people, focusing on social issues and rights. Extremists involved in social terrorism.

The three political parties have been fighting for control of the government since the late AD1300s. Before then, Minston was still ruled completely by a monarchy. A new government was established in 1367, still having the crown hold most of the power, but adding two “democratic” systems below it. The systems had a large amount of control in the government, but can be overruled by the king/queen. Throughout the years, legislation was passed limiting the monarch power.


Law enforcement[edit]



Science and technology[edit]




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