Jeris-Ikamein War

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Jeris-Ikamein War
Battle of *****
Date 1701-1712
Location Ilthin
Result I-COM Victory
  • Jeris annexes northern Ikamein
Jeris.png Jeris
MinstonFlag.png Minston
TinyeilFlag.png Tinyeil
Migul.png Migul
OhridFlag.png Ohrid
DuriamFlag.png Duriam
East Bloc
IkameinFlag.png Ikamein
FerrudonFlag.png Ferrudon
SovubeinFlag.png Sovubein
Alkine.png Alkine
Vikela.png Vikela
TektalaFlag.png Tektala

Pre-war events[edit]

In 1701, Ikamein shot down three military and two civilian airships in Jerris territory. After asking Ikamein for an explanation and to pay for the damage and casualties, Ikamein threatened Jeris, causing Jeris to declare war.

Course of the war[edit]

Ikamein attacks Jerian airship[edit]

War Begins[edit]

Jeris had most of the I-COM on their side, while Ikamein had most of the East Bloc on their side. It resulted in a Jeris victory, with the annexation of 75% of Ikamein's territory in 1712. This proxy war between the East Block and I-COM caused very strained relations.