Minston Republics

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Minston Republics
Flag Coat of arms
Motto: "We fight for the crown"
and largest city
DoveFlag.png Doveres
Official languages Axelish
Demonym Minstonian
Government Federal monarchy
Legislature The Crown
 -  Upper house The Council
 -  Lower house The Theatre
 -  Minn Kingdom  
 -  Minston Kingdom  
 -  Minstonia  
 -  Minston Republics  
 -  1650 estimate 500,000,000
Currency Danaire (‡) MDA
Calling code 01

The Minston Republics, commonly known as Minston are a sovereign nation located on the continent of Minstos. The 83 contiguous provinces take the entire continent of Minstos. Another 6 contiguous provinces are in northern Norvien. The province of Alkyon is an archipelago in the western Ithis Ocean and the province of Kalrado is a small province on the coast of eastern Arthane, surrounded by the Khine Republic.



Minn Tribes|Paurian Tribes|Amien Tribes

First Colonial Wave[edit]

Colonizes Ilthin|Noivern

Medieval Period[edit]

Empires Grow


Geography, climate, and environment[edit]

Administrative divisions[edit]

The Minston Republics is a federal union of 4 republics and several colonies.


Provinces of Minston
Province Flag Capital Largest City Dial Log Population (1700) Order of Admission
to Federation
Date of Admission
to Federation
Theatre Seats
Aexoea MinstonFlag.png N/A N/A 03 011849961,184,996 N/A 185702051857-02-05 3
Arbon MinstonFlag.png N/A N/A 02 031550703,155,070 N/A 195201161952-01-16 2
Creote MinstonFlag.png N/A N/A 01 00637026637,026 N/A 197410081974-10-08 1
Dové DoveFlag.png Doveres Doveres 08 00822441822,441 N/A 186304291863-04-29 6
Entero MinstonFlag.png N/A N/A 07 047965804,796,580 N/A 182409141824-09-14 1
Falten MinstonFlag.png N/A N/A 04 034064653,406,465 N/A 182407061824-07-06 2
Illiat MinstonFlag.png N/A N/A 09 027483912,748,391 N/A 182405071824-05-07 3
North Paliant NPaliantFlag.png N/A N/A 05 00650,555 650,555 N/A 185609121856-09-12 2
South Paliant SPaliantFlag.png N/A N/A 06 016329341,632,934 N/A 182405221824-05-22 4
Uterra MinstonFlag.png N/A N/A 11 054863725,486,372 N/A 182312201823-12-20 3
Vaira MinstonFlag.png N/A N/A 12 033887683,388,768 N/A 184910271849-10-27 2
Vereo MinstonFlag.png N/A N/A 10 026650182,665,018 N/A 186901161869-01-16 2
Territories of Minston
Territoy Flag Capital Largest City Dial Log Population (1700) Acquired Theatre Seats
Savamoz Territory MinstonFlag.png N/A N/A 13 011849961,184,996 185702051857-02-05 1





A pie chart of religious groups in Minston. (1780)

According to a 1780 survey, 64% of adults identified themselves as a type of Ethian. Mainline Ethain denominations accounted for 27%, while Arandianism, accounted for 23.9%.

Family Structure[edit]

Government and politics[edit]

The government is composed of three divisions:

  • The Crown: Holds the most power. Has final say over other divisions.
  • The Council: A council of thirteen representitives, each representing a province.
  • The Theatre: A large group of people representing provinces. The amount of representatives are based on population.

Parties and Elections[edit]

Federal Party- focuses on controlling the population. Has bits of a monarchy and fascism.

Republican Party- trying to move the Federation to be more a Republic. Wants a more democratic system.

Socialist Party- for the people, focusing on social issues and rights. Extremists involved in social terrorism.

The three political parties have been fighting for control of the government since the late AD1300s. Before then, Minston was still ruled completely by a monarchy. A new government was established in 1367, still having the crown hold most of the power, but adding two “democratic” systems below it. The systems had a large amount of control in the government, but can be overruled by the king/queen. Throughout the years, legislation was passed limiting the monarch power.

National Theatre Holdings[edit]

Affiliation Members Number of provinces
Federal Party 20 6
Republican Party 8 4
Socialist Party 4 3
Total 32 13

Central Council Holdings[edit]

Affiliation Members
Federal Party 6
Republican Party 4
Socialist Party 3
Total 13


Law enforcement[edit]



Science and technology[edit]




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