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Robinson Projection of Raythe

Raythe, .......



Robinson Projection of Ro

When Raythe was first colonized by the United States, Argillians (clay golems) of Ro were found to be great local trade partners. When Raythe lost contact with Earth and society began to collapse, the Argillians initially offered to help, but later chose to stay out of human affairs.

By the late 100sBD, Argillian technology was very advanced. They had tall skyscrapers, fast computing technology, and were in the process of finishing both a gravity and a warp drive. When the magnetic fields tat held up the floating continents began to weaken in the 100sBD, the Argillians were only slightly worried, paying no attention to the situation. By 20BD, the Argillians realized this was a serious matter when smaller magnetic rocks began to fall to the ground.

The Argillians attempted to build a ship to transfer Argillians safely to Raythe, but failed because their spacecrafts required the strong magnetic field to boost them out of Ro's gravitational pull. The last decade was spent trying to design a new rocket design, but the program was incredibly unorganized and parts couldn't be constructed due to a resource shortage. Many resource deposit islands were already beginning to collapse and non-magnetic dependent vehicles had to be used to transport materials, which was also inefficient.

On New Years 1BD, the celebration lights came on and instead of turning off the next day, they stayed on throughout the entire year. The flashing lights could be seen all year from Raythe with the people of Raythe always believing it to be the light of the Gods. In reality, it was a distress signal to call for help from any intelligent life that may be watching.The lights grew in intensity as the year progressed, which were actually now the fires of the collapsing society.

Near the end of the year, Ro went dark. 1AD was the first year without the light of the Gods on Raythe.



The 6 continents of Raythe:       Minstos,       Ostresca,       Norvein,       South Ilthin,       North Ilthin,       Arthane
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