Solar System

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1. Oaha -Reminiscent of Mercury, almost molten. -No moons

2. Ajen -Venus like, fast air currents carry heavy atmosphere -No moons

3. Therian -Terrestrial world. -Desert/Mesa, small lakes here and there. -No moons

4. Raythe -Habitable, sentient life. -Satellites: 2 natural (Ro and Deaum).

5. Cheti -Large terrestrial world. -Arid/cool, high oceans, mountains. -Satellites: 4 natural (Leff, Gobing, Provet, Mercin)

(Asteroid Belt)

6. Uving -Gas giant, 1.5x size of Jupiter. -Two moons (Arice, Sync) -Saturn-like rings.

7. Eutace -Large terrestrial world, devoid of life -No moons