The Grand War

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The Grand War
Battle of Crashing Tides
Date 1620-1632
Location Minstos, Ilthin, Arthane, Ithis Ocean
Result RoCOA victory
  • Collapse of Great Aerum into small nations
  • Creation of the I-COM
  • Second colonial wave
Ro Coalition

 Great Aerum

East Sec
RoCOA Leaders

Minston_Federation J.F. Copenbauld
Tinyiel Arstile Harvand

Abrien Leaders

East Sec Leaders

The Grand War, also known as the War of Coalitions was a global war that lasted from 1620 to 1632. It was fought by the majority of the world's nations, consisting of three major world blocs. The Ro Coalition, the Abreins, and the East Sec.

The war began when Great Aerum attacked the Minston territory of Savamoz in 1620. Ferrudon joined the war in helping Great Aerum conquer east Minston, but was betrayed in 1622. In 1625, Tinyiel and Ohrid declared war on Great Aerum, with the rest of the RoCOA, Abriens, and East Sec declaring war soon after.

By 1632, the war in Ilthin ended and Great Aerum had collapsed into several smaller countries after being occupied by RoCOA and East Sec forces. After the war, the Ro Coalition was reformed into an economic alliance, the Ithis Community (I-COM).

Pre-war events[edit]

After the Minstos Civil War, relations between Minston and Ferrudon were very tense, all while Great Aerum became a growing power. The three countries, all against each other, began a cold war lasting from 1580-1620, where each country gathered allies, competed in technology, and hurried to set up outposts in the Alpha Lands (southern most continent(Baron)).

Course of the war[edit]

Invasion of the Verian Coast[edit]

Eventually in 1620, Great Aerum invaded the Minstonian island of Savamoz. Their plan was to eventually gain control of the Verrian Coast and its massive coal supply. Minston declared war on Great Aerum, and within 6 months, the Verrian Coast was controlled by Great Aerum with the help of Ferrudon, who also declared war on Minston, believing that if they helped Great Aerum take the Verrian Coast, their relations would increase and Minston would be weakened.

War breaks out in Ilthin[edit]

Aerum attack on Ferrudon[edit]

On June 7th, 1622, Great Aerum decided to continue their expansion into Ferrudon by attacking one of their southern cities, betraying them, effectively ending their alliance and declaring war.

Abrien advance stalls[edit]

Ro Coalition closes in[edit]

Losing Ferrudon as their ally was a mistake as Great Aerum's territory in Minstos, except for Savamoz, was lost to the original owners.

Abrien collapse, RoCOA victory[edit]



Floating Cities[edit]


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